Double Portrait de Jeanne Baudot

Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Artwork age: 125 years
Market price, $M: Not disclosed
The Greatest Works of Art
Third Place
Number of tokens:
1 125
Presale price:
~0.5 ETH / 7000 EVER's

Origin Story

Buying a masterpiece has never been so easy as with the nascence of The Third Place NFT and fractional NFT ownership.
We believe that anyone can change the world. That is why we are doing a project of fractional ownership of the masterpieces of great artists.
Thanks to fractional ownership — dividing the object into parts, and adding up the funds for its purchase, — anyone can own expensive painting masterpieces.


When you make a fractional purchase, you get the following rights
The exclusive right to a digital copy of the NFT picture
Non-exclusive right to whole masterpiece digital copy
Participation in the Exclusive import of the painting to Russia

Project Mentors

Olga Zvagolskaya
Founder; Russia
Art manager, corporate lawyer, and founder of the Third Place mansion project. Graduate of St. Petersburg State University Law Faculty.
Dmitry Gachko
Chief mentor; Russia
IT entrepreneur, founder of more than 10 successful companies, co-investor of ITGV.COM venture fund, chairman of the board of directors of ITGLOBAL.COM.
Mikaela Milicuri
Art consultant; Cyprus
Professional Art Consultant specializing in art acquisitions, collection management, and investment portfolio development.
Oleg Kolosov
Private collector; Italy
Member of the Presidential Council of the Association for Cultural and Business Cooperation with Italy. Deputy Director and member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Development of the State Museum of Oriental Art.
Ivan Karpuhin
Chief Marketing Officer; Russia
An economist by education. He has built up his professional experience in IT companies, such as: Group and He participated in many blockchain conferences, among others World Blockchain Summit in Dubai and BlockchainLife in Moscow.
Gerbert Shopnik
NFT Consulting, Art adviser
Founder & CEO Digital Art Expo. CEO S7 TechLab. Public Speaker, Certified IT- & Business Trainer. Startup Mentor in Skolkovo Foundation. Member of Digital Economy blockchain committee. Blockchain and Cloud expert with experience in Bitfury, Microsoft, VMware, Adobe.


Choosing & pre-ordering the artwork
Start of NFT sale
Buying the real-world artwork
Delivery to a final destination
Private exhibition for NFT holders
The artwork placement in a public place


What rights and opportunities will token holders get?
Token holders, in addition to the rights of use listed in the NFT, will be able to:
  • Initiate displaying paintings to the general public once it is placed in a Museum;
  • Have access to the metrics of artwork storage conditions (temperature and humidity levels);
  • Observe the image of an artwork within a CCTV camera.
    Can I choose a specific part of the painting?
    No, the particles are chosen completely randomly. You can buy out several particles at once and, using the secondary market, even collect a certain area of the image over time.
    Where can I personally see the painting?
    After the purchase, the painting is delivered to the creative cultural city space The Third Place based in the old mansion Naryshkin Palace in the heart of Saint Petersburg and will be available for the private show to its NFT holders. Later the painting can be placed in a temporary exhibition in one of the partner museums.
    Can I resell my particle?
    When all particles are sold out, the secondary market will be launched.
    Who will legally own the painting itself?
    The real painting itself will be owned by the non-profit Third Place Foundation.
    If the painting would be displayed in a museum, what difference does it make whether I own an NFT or not?

    The painting in the public space will be exhibited in a special black box, which will be equipped with environmental control sensors, lighting, surveillance camera, and, most important - automated curtains that will reveal the painting to the general public according to a schedule (for example, from 12:00 to 14:00).

    The owners of the NFT can exercise their rights at any time by exposing the picture whenever they choose to.